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2015-2016 Prairie Swine Centre Annual Report now on-line

Posted in: Pork Insight Articles, Press Releases by admin on November 30, 2016

Highlights from the 2015-2016 Annual Research Report include:

  • Visual inspection of newly cleaned transport trailers is not sufficient in assessing trailer cleanliness. Page 10
  • Preliminary results have shown that sows can tolerate temperature as low as 90C. Page 13
  • In-barn evaluation of ventilation systems indicated a 21% and 14% reduction in natural gas and electrical consumption respectively, when compared to traditional ventilation systems. Page 16
  • Inclusion of spray-dried animal plasma in DON-contaminated diets did not improve feed intake or growth rate. Page 19
  • Neither DON or spray-dried animal plasma had an affect on nursery pig performance. Page 22
    There was no evidence that fermented soybean meal used in this study was superior to standard soybean meal in improving growth rate or feed intake of newly weaned pigs. Page 24
  • Inclusion of Lyso-Lecithin (10% dietary fat) into high or low energy diets had no effect on growth or feed conversion when fed to newly weaned pigs . Page 26
    Increased creep disappearance was found with the use of a tray feeder indicating greater interaction with creep feed, however no benefits to growth rate were found. Page 28
  • Viable enrichments were found to be durable, with little to no maintenance required after one week of use. Page 31
  • Initial results of studies housing weaner pigs at different densities showed no effect of space allowance on growth, but significant effects on behavior. Page 34
  • The main goal of the National Sow Housing Conversion Project is to provide assistance to producers to guide them through the process of converting existing barn systems, or design of a new site. Page 36

Download the full version of the 2015-2016 Annual Research Report

ARR 2016 Cover Draft 2.indd

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