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Author(s): O'Neill, D. H. and V. R. Phillips
Publication Date: January 1, 1991
Reference: Journal of Agricultural Engineering Resource (1991) 50, 1-10.


This article makes a review of published information on the impact of waste management practices odour production and emission. After analysis of this information, recommandations are difficult to make regarding specific practices because of the shortage of objective odour measurements but recommandations on research can be done. Different livestock management factors have been analysed and reported such as waste removal, waste decomposition, floor design in the building, treatments done in the building to waste and bedding materials use but interactions between these factors confound the analysis. However the evidence points to frequent waste removal that would prevent anaerobic conditions that occur in the building. This would lead to odour control as some odourous compounds increase concentrations over 24h period of anaerobic storage conditions. The reduction of moisture content of the waste could apparently limit the anaerobic conditions development. This could explain why odour reduction has been linked to bedding material use. However adequate odour measurement data are needed to conclude on the waste management practices and the use of different bedding materials for odour reduction. Even if ammonia concentration in air and odour strenght doesn’t show good correlation (not proportional), measures that reduce ammonia concentration in building would also reduce odour and vice versa.

As reported by the authors, the published information is difficult to analyzed because the procedures to obtain the results are not standardised and the parameters measured are not always the same as odour strenght, odourus compounds concentrations, particular chemical compounds are used.

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