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Author(s): Kolega, J.J. and R.F. Jeffrey.
Publication Date: January 1, 1988
Reference: Livestock Environment III. Proceedings of the Third International Livestock Environment Symposium. April 25-27, 1988. Toronto. Published by the American Society of Agricultural Engineering. St. Joseph, Michigan. 49085-9659. p. S-46 - S-51
Country: United States


In Connecticut for the use of dairy farmers, a self-evaluation environmental audit has been developed to monitor the nitrate in the ground water. This audit was directed toward nitrate concerns and was realized using a simple, inexpensive test strip procedure for an approximate evaluation of the nitrate present in the ground water of the farmstead. The information obtained from this nitrate test procedure is self-evaluated by the farmer and taken into account the specific nitrogen management practices and environmental conditions of the farm. This publication presents the methodology used to implement this program in Connecticut and the experience coming from such program.

This type of self audit helps develop farmers’ individual awareness of the impact of their production and management practices on water and particularly on their own water quality. The action taken by the farmers may be understood in another way as education as being provided and they are the first to diagnose the problem.

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