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Author(s): Duxbury-Berg, L.
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: National Hog Farmer - September 15, 1997. pp 36
Country: United States


Gary Cromwell , University of Kentucky, points out that the economical benefit from the use of phytase comes from the difference from the cost of supplementation and the cost of the phytase needed. For growing pigs the use of phytase would be economically interesting. However for younger pigs, where higher levels of phytase are needed, other considerations such as the reduction of phosphorus in the manure and lower environmental impact would have to be evaluated.
Producer perspective: The Buck near Lafayette, IL have a farrow-to-finish farm of 400 sows and use the manure produced on their 600 acres land. They started 9 months ago using phytase in their feed for the grow-finish stage for pigs over 50 lb. They pay their feed $1.79 less per bag and they expect their manure to be more easily managed in the fertilization of their fields cultivated on a rotating basis. They consider that phytase is a tool to become more environmentally friendly and those tools are needed to maintain a good reputation as pork producers.

Phytase is effectively a good way of reducing the phosphorus content of the manure. The fertilization with manure becomes less limiting because phosphorus is lowered. The doses applied considering the plant’s phosphorus need can be increased (if we compare with manure obtained from swine fed diets with no phytase and supplemented conventionally) and at the same time those doses get closer to meet the nitrogen needs of the plant.

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