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Author(s): B. Predicala, L. Whittington, F. Pouliot, J. Labrecque, H. Gauvreau, S. Messier, B. Jones, and A. Chambers
Publication Date: May 23, 2014
Country: Canada


The power point notes for a presentation on air filtration during transport, and emergency biocontainment in a barn during a disease outbreak. The risk from airborne pathogens is particularly high when traveling through hog-dense areas, especially if outbreaks of diseases such as PRRSv or PEDv have recently occurred. Using an air filtration system in transport vehicles could greatly reduce the risk of contamination. This project conducted a literature review on current transport air filtration systems being used, created designs for Canadian transport trucks, constructed a prototype, and evaluated the effectiveness of air filtration in a trailer. The design for the prototype took into consideration ventilation, performance monitoring, emergency measures, animal care, sanitation, and cost. For barns without a permanent air filtration system, and emergency system could be used during disease outbreaks. The emergency biocontainment project looked at options to isolate a barn during a disease outbreak, created a pilot project, and developed protocols to be followed. Some of the options considered were exhaust bag-type filters, filtered enclosures, dust reduction curtains, and a trailer with filter walls. Criteria for assessment included time to assemble, technical requirements, portability and adaptability, reliability, and cost. Research will need to continue to develop transport and emergency air filtration systems that are practical and economically feasible.


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