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Author(s): D.D. Palson, D. Gareyes, and R.B. Morrison
Publication Date: June 30, 1994
Reference: Proceedings of the 13th IRUS Congress
Country: United States


Many studies have been done to find the value loss from PRRS in a breeding herd, but little has been done to find out the financial impact of the PRRS virus on post weaned pigs. One study found that PRRS in the nursery can extend days to market by 14-30 days, which would result in a cost of 7-15 dollars per marketed pig. Although this study did not account for medication used and other inputs such as the cost of the extra time spent in the barn before market.  Using past data from other studies researchers were able to build a model for predicting the costs of PRRS on nursery pigs. All variables were fixed other than baseline performance and PRRS based performance. The results of the study revealed that PRRS in the nursery had a difference between non-infected and infected pigs of $0.73 per head to $18.21 per head, and 6.06 per head over space per year, to 151.06 per head over space per year.

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