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Author(s): Soenke Moehn, Crystal L. Levesque, Ryan S. Samuel and Ronald O. Ball
Publication Date: August 2, 2009
Reference: Advances in Pork Production (2009) Volume 20
Country: Canada


There is potential to significantly reduce the cost of sow feeding, however, current nutrient recommendations need improvement. Phase feeding, using separate diets for early/mid gestation and late gestation, may save up to $5.00 per sow per gestation. Using a single diet for gestation, but phase feeding at a higher level in late gestation, may save up to $3.00 per sow per gestation. During late gestation and lactation, addition of free amino acids can reduce feed cost. These improvements may also increase sow productivity and increase sow longevity.


Nutrition of sows has received little attention compared to growing-finishing pigs, despite the fact that sows consume approximately 20% of the all the feed consumed in pork production. Therefore, improving sow nutrition offers the opportunity for substantial savings in feed cost. This paper will review recent research, discuss future opportunities in sow nutrition, suggest new feeding strategies for sows, and estimate their impact on feed cost.


There is a great deal more to be learned about energy and amino acid requirements during different phases of gestation and lactation. As this information becomes available, we expect to further reduce the cost of sow feeding while maintaining or increasing sow productivity and longevity.

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