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Author(s): A.A. Sosnicki, S. Pommier, Ronald E. Klont, S. Newman, G. Plastow
Publication Date: January 1, 2003
Reference: Proceedings of the 2003 Manitoba Swine Seminar
Country: Canada


The food supply industry is constantly changing. The center of the industry is the consumer and they are concerned about food safety and meat quality. Functional genomics (non-genetic modification – a DNA technology) is one of several techniques the industry is using to improve meat quality.

The increased demand for pork leanness requires enhanced muscular growth within pigs. This occurs in two stages: initially, embryonic myogenesis occurs (the development of muscular cells) and then muscular growth (hypertrophy – the muscles grow bigger). These factors can be improved via genetic selection. The interaction between muscle and environmental stress before slaughter complicates even further the understanding, measurement and control of the major sources of variation in lean quality. The use of quantitative genetics, selection indexes, and estimated breeding values (EBVs) for carcass quality has enabled the pork industry to make progress on tenderness, water holding capacity, etc.

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