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Author(s): Siemers, V. and H. Van den Weghe
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: Ammonia and Odour Control from Animal Production Facilities. Proceedings of the International Symposium. Vinkeloord, The Netherlands. October 6-10, 1997. p.537-544
Country: Germany


Biological waste air purification from a pig-fattening house was tested with the use of a Biofilter/wetscrubber combination (BWC). The results showed that when the biofilter material was sprayed with tap water at an intensity of more than 50 l/m2 per day an efficiency of 90% was obtained in ammonia reduction for the overall BWC. When the biofilter was sprayed with the scrubbing liquid of the wetscrubber, the efficiency decreased to 50% and if no liquid is sprayed on the filter material, the efficiency goes as low as 13%. It is clear that the spraying of biofilter is essential for ammonia emission reduction. The BWC reduced dust emissions to as much as 80%. The air quality was also measured to verify the BWC treatment for odour reduction. However conclusions could not be drawn from olfactometric analysis because strong self-odour resulted from the filter material of BWC. The total costs of for the tested BWC range between DM 20.80 and DM 22.90 / fattened animal per year (14 to 15 U.S.$). Before doing the investment in the use of BWC other management methods should be considered and optimized (for example: feeding, manure storage).

This system is not simple and is quite expensive. The air coming from the livestock building is scrubber by spraying a mix of tap water (added to compensate for the evaporation) and recycled sludge (the sprayed liquid is being pump and sprayed again) and this air goes through the biofilter that is installed on the top of the scrubbing room. The liquid and the biofilter material have to be disposed and replaced at a certain time and this doesn’t seem to be considered in the costs.
1DM = 0.7942 $CAN (02/14/1998)

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