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Prairie Swine Centre is an affiliate of the University of Saskatchewan

Prairie Swine Centre is grateful for the assistance of the George Morris Centre in developing the economics portion of Pork Insight.

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Animal Attendant I

Title Animal Attendant I
Location Saskatoon, SK
Job Information

Animal Attendant I

Full-time Permanent

Apply to: by July 7, 2017

We are seeking an individual who enjoys working with and caring for animals. Primary responsibilities include providing day-to-day animal care in breeding, gestation, farrowing and nursery, as well as grow-finish.  You will have strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills and have demonstrated the ability to work as part of a team.  Some physical labour is involved.

A grade 12 diploma is required. Preference will be given to those who possess a diploma in Animal Science, Animal Health Technology or related discipline.  Relevant training or experience would be an asset, but training is available for individuals seeking entry into this field for the first time.  Preference will also be given to those who have a background in pork production.

Prairie Swine Centre offers a competitive compensation package including benefits and a pension plan.  The regular work week for this position is Thursday to Monday with Tuesday and Wednesday as days off.


Specific responsibilities include:

Objective 1

To promote the highest possible level of production at PSCI in all areas of the facility.

  • Provide day-to-day care of animals in breeding, gestation, farrowing, and nursery as well as in grow-finish. Includes the maintenance of a desirable environment, feeding of animals and the monitoring feed and water usage, feed spillage and animal treatment as required.
  • Assisting Research Scientists and technicians in data acquisition such as weighing animals, feeds, etc. as well as assistance in other sample collections.
  • Assist with marketing animals by weighing and loading animals at the time of market.
  • Maintain general good housekeeping and be involved with power washing and disinfecting rooms after each room turn.

Objective 2

To keep the health status of the PSCI herd at a high level.

  • To assure that all security protocols are followed in terms of animals, equipment and personnel movement both in and outside PSCI.

Objective 3

To maintain the physical facilities of PSCI at an acceptable level of service and function.

  • To observe and report to the Manager-Operations all major maintenance and renovation requirements associated with your area of production.
  • To perform minor maintenance in association with your area of production.

Objective 4

To maintain accurate records as well as collect and record data.

Objective 5

To assist Manager-Operations in ensuring a safe workplace.

  • To demonstrate safe work practices through example
  • To ensure facilities and equipment contribute to a safe workplace.

Other duties as may be assigned.

Animal Attendant I

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