Job: M.Sc / Ph.D. Nutrition – Functional Amino Acids

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Title M.Sc / Ph.D. Nutrition – Functional Amino Acids
Start Date 2018-05-01
Location Saskatoon, SK
Job Information

M.Sc. or Ph.D.  Opportunity in Swine Nutrition

The Prairie Swine Centre is seeking a passionate, bright, and highly motivated individual interested in pursuing graduate studies (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) in the disciplines of swine nutrition, physiology, and animal health, program to start in May 2018. The successful candidate will join a strong, multidisciplinary academic and research team with expertise in non-ruminant nutrition, feed processing, management, welfare, metabolism, and physiology.

The desire and ability to lead research projects and work within a team of other highly motivated individuals are of critical importance to this position. The proposed project will seek to examine the efficacy of functional amino acids to maintain animal performance and health during disease challenge. Techniques in the fields of nutrition and physiology will be used to further explain the mechanisms regulating animal response to supplemental amino acids and immune stimulation. Candidates will have completed a B.Sc. (and M.Sc. if entering a Ph.D. program) in animal science, animal nutrition, veterinary science, physiology, or related field.

Prairie Swine Centre Inc. is a non-profit swine production research corporation affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan, and located 10 km southeast of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It offers a nationally and internationally recognized program in research, technology transfer, and education all directed towards the efficiency and sustainability of pork production. The Centre operates a 300 sow farrow-to-finish research herd and currently employees 38 full and part-time staff and students.

The University of Saskatchewan is located in Saskatoon, a city with a diverse and thriving economic base, a vibrant arts community and a full range of leisure opportunities. The Department of Animal and Poultry Science is well-recognized nationally and internationally as a
research-intensive department that offers advanced training in MSc and PhD degree programs.  The department’s highly-trained and enthusiastic faculty members and adjunct professors have extensive, high-quality applied and basic research programs that cover a wide range of topics in animal science and related areas.

For more information or to apply please contact Dr. Dan Columbus. Interested candidates are asked to apply by sending a cover letter including their career interests, their curriculum vitae, and copies of transcripts to:

Dr. Dan Columbus
Prairie Swine Centre
Box 21057, 2105-8th Street East
Saskatoon, SK, S7H 5N9
Tel: 1-306-667-7432

Pdf version available here

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