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Author(s): Ontario Farm Animal Council
Publication Date: January 1, 0000
Reference: Additional copies are available online at: www.ofac.org or by contacting the Ontario Farm Animal Council at (519) 837-1326. This publication was adapted from the publication a
Country: Canada


Producers work hard to ensure that the animals in their care are properly cared for throughout all stages of production. Unfortunately, it is a fact of farming that some animals will become injured or ill to the extent that they are ‘compromised’ or ‘at risk’.
This would include animals that are non-ambulatory, unable to stand without assistance or to move without being dragged or carried, regardless of size or age. This guide will assist dairy, beef and veal producers to recognize health-related problems and respond to them in a responsible manner. Producers are encouraged to work with their herd veterinarians for early intervention culling decisions. In addition to the decision tree on page 4, producers should simply ask themselves
three questions before loading an animal:
■ Can it walk?
■ Will it be able to walk off the truck at the final destination?
■ Would I eat it?

If any question generates a a

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