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Current strategies and technologies for reproductive management of gilts and sows -Banff 2017

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Estrus synchronization by controlling the luteal phase of the estrous cycle

  • Accurate daily dosing of altrenogest  with gilts receiving 15mg/day and sows 20mg/day for 18-20 days
  • inaccurate administration leads to an increase in follicular cysts

Stimulation or controlling follicular development 

  • Pregnant mare serum gonadatropin (PMSG) contains the appropriate FSH/LH ratios to stimulate follicular growth
  • Dosing ranges from 500-100 IU

Induction of puberty in gilts

  • PMSG induces estrus in 50-90% of prepubertal and peripubertal gilts within five days
  • The best response occurs when gilts are within 20-30 days of natural puberty
  • 30% do not display signs but do ovulate
  • 30% of those exhibiting estrus have irregular return to a subsequent estrus

Follicle stimulation after estrus synchronization with altrenogest in gilts

  • Altrenogest 14 days followed by a follicle stimulator 24 hours after the last feeding of Altrenogest synchronizes estrus in gilts

Follicle stimulation in weaned sows

  • Triggering follicular growth with PMSG at weaning results in a more uniform population of follicles and increases the percentages of sows in estrus within 5 days

Induction of ovulation

  • Mature follicles are simultaneously induced to ovulate with a gonadotropin of predominantly LH activity

Control of farrowing

  • Successful induction require treatment within 2 days of normal expected farrowing date

Current strategies and technologies for reproductive management of gilts and sows -Banff 2017

Sow Productivity, Farrowing room managment -Banff 2017

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Dr. Egan Brockhoff,

Before farrowing

  • Sanitation
    • Proper selection of detergents and degreasers
    • Focus on fully drying the room

Farrowing, Fostering and Day 1 Critical Care

  • First 4 days are the highest risk period for mortality
  • Colostrum from piglets own mother is critical for the first day
  • Intense observation of climate
  • Quickly identify piglets at risk of falling back
  • Warming and drying piglets is the first priority then minimizing time to the first suckle
  • If the birth interval is any longer than 30 mins piglets should be closely observed
  • Foster litters should be established within the first 3 days

Nursing, Rapid growth and Weaning

  • Success during lactation starts at the selection of quality replacement gilts
    • Body conformation and the number of functional teats are key
      • 14 teats minimum
    • 300lb minimum at second heat to increase litter weaning weights
  • Creep feeding does not improve growth pre-weaning but improves post-weaning performance

Sow Productivity, Farrowing room managment -Banff 2017




Preparedness for a foreign animal disease & Modeling the transboundary survival of foreign animal disease pathogens in contaminated feed ingredients -Banff 2017

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Dr.Chris Byra of Byra consulting gave a speech about foreign animal disease (FAD). FAD can cost industry billions of dollars as demonstrated by the UK’s outbreak of FMD, Byra used this as a basis for his talk.

Components of FAD preparedness

  1. Prevention
  2. Early Detection
  3. Response to a Positive FAD case
    • Critical Areas to focus on when mounting a response
      1. Producers
      2. Processors
      3. Governments
      4. Recovery to Resume Trade

A study was preformed by Scott Dee and his colleagues of FAD  contaminated feeds being transported from China. The focus of the study was to determine if PEDV in imported ingredients would remain viable  during a trans-pacific shipment. At the conclusion of the 37 day shipment PEDV was detected in soybean meal, Vit D, Lysine hydrochloride and choline chloride, however PEDV was not detected in any samples treated with one of the 2 chemical mitigants. This study concluded that certain FAD’s are transboundary risk factors.

Preparedness for a foreign animal disease

Animal Proteins Challenging Role in Feeding the Planet -Banff 2017

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Sandra Vijn offered 3 key ways to reach the goal of sustainability in agriculture.

  1. Engaging platforms and multi-stakeholder initiatives
  2. Improved production efficiency
  3. Engaging consumers

Animal Proteins Challenging Role in Feeding the Planet -Banff 2017

Sustainable Intensification -Banff 2017

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This lecture focuses on production efficiency and GHG emissions, stating that livestock will need to continue to intensify in order to be able to feed the expected population of 9 billion by 2050. Comparing USA to countries like Mexico and India where more animals are needed to produce equal amounts of product Dr.Mitloehner states that the US has fewer inputs and thus fewer impacts meaning that as livestock production intensifies its carbon footprint will decrease. His talk ends with the comment that there are 5 fundamentals for sustainable agriculture. 1.Financial, 2.Animal Welfare, 3.Food Safety, 4.Workers availability and well-being, 5.Environmental. He states that all five are required for sustainable agriculture not just focusing on environment.

Sustainable Intensification -Banff 2017


Genomics and Swine Health -Banff 2016

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The Genome Canada project was launched in 2010. Its goal was to identify genetic markers associated with animals performing well when exposed to disease in order to improve swine health.

Researchers aimed to provide new diagnostic tools for selecting pigs that are genetically less susceptible to PRRS and PCVAD. They found several phenotypic factors and immune response mediators associated with viremia, weight gain and fetal outcomes, as well as litter size and reproductive performance. Consistent results within disease models were found, however the results appear to be disease specific.

Certain pigs were found to be disease resilient, being able to maintain their performance despite being infected. How pigs react to disease can be identified in a blood sample and used to select for resilience. The next generation of studies will seek to establish whether developing more resilient pigs is possible.

Genomics and Swine Health -Banff 2016

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Animal Welfare and Public Perceptions -Banff 2016

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Dr. Temple Grandin gave a speech regarding transparency and communication with younger generations specifically millennials who have grown up in the age of technology.

“A significant portion of consumers lack a basic knowledge of animals and agriculture. Programs have been developed that allow producers to communicate directly with consumers. The pork industry needs to create similar programs.”

She lists several ways pork producers can open up lines of communications with consumers, including live-streaming, public tours and social media.

“The older generation absolutely must reach out to the younger generation, says Grandin. “I am proud of the things I have done to improve animal agriculture. There are practices in animal agriculture that need to be improved and there are others that absolutely need to be defended…
…Fighting over sow stalls is likely not worth it.”

Animal Welfare and Public Perceptions -Banff 2016

Immune stimulation increases amino acid requirements in nursery pigs fed antibiotic-free starter diets- B.Jayaraman and C.M.Nyachoti 2017

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The Swine Nutrition Program at the University of Manitoba recently concluded a series of trials to determine the optimal SID Trp:Lys and SID Thr:Lys ratios for weaned pigs fed Antimicrobial growth promoters (AGP)-free starter diets and subjected to immunological challenge. Sanitation and Escherichia coli K88 (E. coli K88) models were used to challenge the weaned piglets.

The NRC (2012) recommends a diet with a SID Trp:Lys of 16 per cent and a SID Thr:Lys of 59 per cent, for pigs between seven and 25 kg, but this does not consider the health status of pigs. These values are derived from different studies in piglets fed diets containing AGP and so may have different values for pigs raised on a AGP-free diet.

This study concluded that weaned piglets raised under sub-optimal sanitary conditions and fed AGP-free diets need higher dietary threonine:lysine and tryptophan:lysine requirements than the NRC (2012) recommendations. Ensuring adequate amino acids in AGP-free starter diets will aid in maintaining good performance under unfavorable health conditions.

Immune stimulation increases amino acid requirements in nursery pigs fed antibiotic-free starter diets- B.Jayaraman and C.M.Nyachoti 2017

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