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Centred on Swine Volume 14

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Individual articles in these issues of Centred on Swine are located in our PorkInsight Database.

Volume 14 Number 4

  • Seeking your thoughts Message from the PresidentCentred on Swine 14-4
  • Vehicle Design Impact on the Transportation of Hogs
  • Twenty Three Steps to An Improved Barn Environment
  • Feeding Fusarium Contamined Grain
  • Recommended Setpoint Temperatures
  • Can We Feed Mycotoxin Contaminated Feed to Pigs?
  • The Effect of Ergot on the Performance of Weanling Pigs

Volume 14 Number 3Centred on Swine 14-3

  • Survival Strategies – When Every Penny Counts
  • DDGS in Swine Nutrition
  • Eating Behaviour in Large Groups: Learning How Pigs Perceive Their Environment
  • Survival Checklist

Volume 14 Number 2Centred on Swine 14-2

  • Impact of Piglet Birth Weight and Birth Order on Growth and the Variability in Growth
  • Assessment of a Biological Treatment Process to Reduce Gaseous Emissions from Swine Manure
  • Gestation Housing Alternatives:  Sows in a Deep-Bedded Cafeteria-Fed System

Volume 14 Number 1Centred on Swine 14-1

  • Sow Management and Housing What Does the Industry Think?
  • Overview of On-Going Projects in the PSCI Engineering Research Program
  • Biosecurity Pays Big Returns

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