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Centred on Swine Volume 7

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Volume 7, Number 4 (Winter 2000)

  • Reduction in Odour and Gas Emissions from Swine Buildings
  • Gestating Sows: All Group Housing is Not the Same, But Neither are All Stalls
  • Why Participate in the Management Training Program
  • Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness
Volume 7, Number 3 (Fall 2000)

  • Environment Website: Valuable Information Resource
  • Nutrition Research Program
  • Management Training Fall Launch of Courses
  • PSC Elstow Research Farm Staff
Volume 7, Number 2 (Summer 2000)

  • Estimating Lean Growth Rate in Grower Pigs Using Packer Data
  • Students Enjoy Hands On Experience
  • Herd Health
Volume 7, Number 1 (Spring 2000)

  • Open House at PSC Elstow Research Barn
  • John Harding Wins Science in Practice Award 1999
  • Humidity Control Strategies For Winter Conditions
  • Eating Behaviour and Feeder Design
  • Sustainability and Water Use
  • Two-Airspace Building Design For Reducing Odour and Gas Emissions From Pig Farms

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