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Prairie Swine Centre is grateful for the assistance of the George Morris Centre in developing the economics portion of Pork Insight.

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Centred on Swine Volume 8

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Volume 8, Number 3 (Fall 2001)

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  • Driving Profitability
  • Savaging of Piglets: A Puzzle of Maternal Behaviour
  • Fibre and Enzymes
Volume 8, Number 2 (Summer 2001)

  • Facts on Perceptions
  • A Systems Engineering Approach to Address Challenges and Opportunities in Manure Management
  • Reducing The Danger – Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness Workshops
  • Management Training for the Swine Industry
Volume 8, Number 1 (Spring 2001)

  • Sask Pork Chair in Environmental Engineering for the Pork Industry
  • Two-Airspace Building Design For Reducing Odour and Gas Emissions From Pig Farms
  • Motivating Employees

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