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Centred on Swine Volume 9

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Volume 9, Number 4 (Winter 2002)

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Swine Production Facilities
  • Incubation time but not cooling rate affects storage of extended boar semen at 5°C
  • Hydrogen sulphide concentration while pulling pit plugs and power-washing rooms
  • Stressful handling of pigs
Volume 9, Number 3 (Fall 2002)

  • Growth Rate and Age at First Estrus: Impact on the Gilt Pool
  • Variation in Ingredient Quality
  • Survival Strategies: Dealing with a Cash Crunch
  • Hog Market Update – September 5th, 2002
Volume 9, Number 2 (Summer 2002)

  • Optimizing the Production System
  • Impact of Nursery Feeder Adjustment and Crowding on Piglet Performance and Eating Behaviour
  • Is my controller well adjusted for summer ventilation?
  • Space requirements for male and female grow-finish pigs
Volume 9, Number 1 (Spring 2002)

  • What’s New at PSC Elstow?
  • Thermoregulation of the nursery by early-weaned piglets through operant conditioning
  • Dealing with Variability in the Growout Barn
  • Over 700 Trained in Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness

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