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Author(s): Jacobson, L.D., C.J. Clantont, D.R. Schmid, C. Radman, R.E. Nicolai and K.A. Janni
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: Ammonia and Odour Control from Animal Production Facilities. Proceedings of the International Symposium. Vinkeloord, The Netherlands. October 6-10, 1997. p.405-412.
Country: United States


Air samples were taken from approximately 60 differents livestock manure storage units (pigs, dairy, beef and poultry) for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentrations and odor dilution thresholds or odor level. Odor thresholds determination were realized with an olfactomer and H2S concentrations were measured using either colormetric indicator tubes (concentration between 20 to 120 ppm) or a Jerome TM meter (concentrations lower than 20 ppm). Over 80 measurements were taken during the initial phases of the 2-year projects (fall 1996); the odor threshold values varied from 17 to 1200 odor units and the H2S concentrations ranged from 6 ppb (parts / billion) to 118 ppm (parts / million). No correlation was obtained between odor threshold and H2S concentration.

H2S as ammonia concentrations (presented in other publications) cannot be considered as indicators of odor tresholds or odor levels.

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