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Author(s): Lampe, Jay F.
Publication Date: January 1, 0000
Reference: Lampe, Jay F. (). Comparison of Alternative Grain Sources for Swine Diets and Their Effect on Performance, Meat Quality and Fat Quality Traits. Iowa State University
Country: United States


Barley and white corn are two alternative grain sources in swine diets that have been proposed to improve the meat quality of pork produced for value-added export markets. In addition to quality traits, performance and carcass characteristics of pigs fed diets based on alternative grain sources must be evaluated.In this study, animals fed diets containing different energy sources did not express a difference in average daily gain, average daily feed intake, feed efficiency, back fat depth, and percent fat-free lean. However, barley-fed pigs had a smaller loin muscle area than pigs fed corn-based diets. Diet did not have an effect on sensory panel traits for tenderness or chewiness and limited differences were observed for juiciness, flavor and off flavor. Percentage loin purge and cooking loss did not differ among diets with minimal differences noted for color values. Pigs fed barley diets did have a lower iodine value content within the subcutaneous fat, indicating that the fat is of a harder, firmer quality. Results of this trial suggest that barley does not have an advantage in meat quality traits when compared to traditional corn-based diets. Barley did, however, have a significant impact on the hardness of pork fat, but did not have an effect on subjective color values. Use of barley or white corn as an energy source in swine diets should be based on their relative cost and availability.

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