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Author(s): Qian, P. and J.J. Schoenau
Publication Date: January 1, 1998
Reference: Proceedings from Soils and Crops Workshop 1998. University of Saskatchewn. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Country: Canada


The impact of hog manure application on canola yield and nitrogen uptake was studied and compared to inorganic fertilizer (urea). Two soils (Blaine Lake loam, Meota loam) were used to analyze varying rates (100 and 800 mg N/kg of soil) of swine manure and urea. Eight pots were prepared for each treatment, with plants in 4 replicates grown to maturity with seeds, pods and straw harvested after 12 weeks after crop emergence. Potential sol N rate was assessed by inserting anion and cation resinmembrane probes directly into the soil and messuring the sorbed NO3-N and NH4-N.

In the low rate and control treatments canola germinated and emerged approximately 1 week after seeding. However the high rate of manure and urea delayed germination 6-10 days and reduced germination to 20-30% in the manured soil with no germination was evidence with the high rate of urea. Seed yields increased significantly in soils amended with manure and urea with the exception of the Blaine Lake soil. No sognificant differences in seed yield were difference between manure and urea in the Meota soil, however mnaure amended soil resulted in signifiant yield increase over urea in the Blaine Lake soil. Straw yield was higher in the Blaine Lake soil than in the Meota soil in the urea, manure and control treatments.

The urea and manure treatments increased total nitrogen uptake by the canaol, however a higher percentage of N was stored in the seed with the manure application. Overall, no significant differences in total N uptake were observed between urea and manure on either soil. Higher rates of manure application resulted in significantly higher N uptake, but not directly porportinal to the additional N in the soils. Soils amended with urea had higher available N supply than soil amended with manure and similar rates of N, and N recovery was approximately 20% lower in manure treatments than in the urea treatment.

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