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Publication Date: January 1, 0000
Reference: Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food
Country: Canada


Composting is a biological process that involves the aerobic decomposition of organic matter to produce a humus-like product called compost. For animal manures, an appropriate C:N ratio and moisture content are essential for successful composting. Producers should have their manure and bedding mixtures analyzed prior to composting to ensure that the mixtures meet the criteria for good composting.
Composting challenges are time and recipe, temperature, moisture, oxygen and aeration, particle size, porosity, structure, texture and curing. Other considerations in composting are the methods such as machine-turned windrow, aerated windrow or static piles and in-vessel. When choosing a method the following should be considered, the level of management that can be applied, the availability of equipment and labour, the space requirements for the material and access, the quality of the compost required and potential issues due to climate and cost. Good site selection is very important to composting as well. It is necessary to consider the soil type, topography, location of water sources, access to handling and hauling, distance from neighbours, wind direction and aesthetics.
All compost that is sold in or imported to Canada must comply with the requirements of the Fertilizers Act and Regulations. It includes provisions for product safety, benefit claims and labelling. The provinces are responsible for regulating the disposal and use of waste, including compost. Standards have been set in Canada for compost quality. The four criteria are product safety and quality, maturity, foreign matter, trace elements and pathogens. For more information consult the Fertilizers Act and Fertilizer Regulations or the “On Farm Composting Handbook” available through Olds College Alberta.

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