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Author(s): T.M. Ngapoa, E. Dransfield, J.-F. Martin, M. Magnusson, L. Bredahl, G.R. Nute
Publication Date: January 1, 2003
Reference: Meat Science 66 (2003) 125–134
Country: France


The aim of this study is to use focus groups to obtain insights into decision-making towards fresh pork purchase and attitudes towards today’s pig production systems using consumers from France, England, Sweden and Denmark. It was found that many positive perceptions of pork meat were evoked, such as being good value for money and always available.
Negative images of the systems of production used today were expressed, but often rationalised in terms of consumer demands, market competition and by comparisons to previous systems of production. Knowledge of production systems appeared of little consequence in terms of meat market potential as several groups freely remarked that there was no link between the negative images of production methods and their purchase behaviour. The groups were clearly confused and had a strong mistrust in the limited information at the point of meat purchase. Careful consideration should be given to the labelling, in particular, taking account of the evident consumer ethnocentrism, and assuring that this information enhances consumer confidence.

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