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Prairie Swine Centre is an affiliate of the University of Saskatchewan

Prairie Swine Centre is grateful for the assistance of the George Morris Centre in developing the economics portion of Pork Insight.

Financial support for the Enterprise Model Project and Pork Insight has been provided by:

Ken Engele

Manager – Technology Transfer

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Ken Engele has recently re-joined Prairie Swine Centre in the role of Manager, Technology Transfer. Ken is no stranger to the pork industry previously spending nine years in the role of Assistant Manager, Information Services, and four years previous with Outlook-based Quadra Group where he focused on pig performance monitoring, and risk management strategies. While serving in the role of Assistant Manager, Information Services he was responsible for delivering the communications program including Centred on Swine, Annual Report, and the Focus on the Future Conference, in addition to assisting in the development of the Prairie Swine Centre/George Morris Centre economic model.

Ken’s new role at Prairie Swine Centre will in part focus on the management of knowledge and technology transfer activities associated with Swine Innovation Porc (Canadian Swine Research and development Cluster). Swine Innovation Porc is a national program funded through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada with the objective to facilitate research, technology transfer and commercialization initiatives designed to enhance the competitive and differentiation of Canada’s pork industry.

In his time away from Prairie Swine Centre, he spent two and a half years in the field of community economic development. Ken is a graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Agriculture majoring in Agricultural Economics, and continues to operate and beef and grain farm near Carmel, Saskatchewan.

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