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Author(s): Agriview
Publication Date: May 13, 2014
Reference: Agriview, May 2014
Country: Canada


High concentrations of H2S gas are a human and animal health hazard, and can increase the rate of corrosion in barn facilities. Metabolic inhibitors can decrease H2S concentration, but they have not yet been tested in an open system, like a barn. This study isolated manure bacteria capable of metabolizing H2S, and then conducted semi-pilot and room-scale evaluation. Two compounds, molybdate and nitrate, were found to reduce H2S concentration. Nitrate is short acting, but molybdate can act for up to 6 months. Applying both 24-48 hours before activities that agitate manure is recommended. The study found application was financially feasible – with costs under 1% of total costs for a growth cycle.

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