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Author(s): Christenbury, G.D., Williamson, L.M., Albrecht, J.E. and Adams, J.
Publication Date: January 1, 1988
Reference: Christenbury, G.D., Williamson, L.M., Albrecht, J.E. and Adams, J. 1988. Cost Effectiveness of Environmental Control for Swine. In: Livestock Environments III, Proceedings of the Third International Livestock Environmental Symposium. St. Joseph, MI: ASAE.
Country: USA


South Carolina is in the temperate zone and due to its geographic location experiences wide fluctuations in temperatures. The moderate climate in South Carolina has resulted in the construction of a variety of production facilities. Swine production units range from open feedlots to totally enclosed structures with environmental control. Evaporative cooling, refrigeration, forced ventilation and shade are all used to reduce livestock stress. The newer facilities and the renovated facilities offer better control of temperatures, moisture and toxic gases, but at the expense of increased capital and operating cost. The objective of this study was to determine if the increased cost associated with the renovation and installation of environmental control equipment was justified based on increased pig productivity.

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