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Author(s): Cheng, J. K.F. Roos and L.M. Saele
Publication Date: January 1, 1999
Reference: Paper 994048. 1999 ASAE Annual International Meeting. July 19-21, 1999. ASAE, 2950, Niles Road, St.Joseph, MI 49085-9659. 10p.
Country: United States


A covered anaerobic lagoon was studied and evaluated its impact on water quality, flow rate measurements, pathogens, odour and biogas production. A two lagoon series was used for waste management, a covered anaerobic lagoon as primary treatment and a traditional lagoon as storage. To monitor performance of the lagoon water quality samples were taken from raw manure and from the covered lagoon. Total phosphorus (TP), ortho-phopsphorus (OP), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total organic carbon (TOC), total solids (TS) and volatile solids (VS) were reduced by 74%, 58%, 94%, 93%, 75% and 87% respectively in the covered lagoon system. When pit management included discharging pit every eight days these levels decreased by 62%, 58%, 28%, 18%, 23% and 27% respectively. When pit discharge was moved from 8 to 4 days a significant loading of TKN, NH3-N, TP, OP, COS, TS and VS was observed. Methane production in the anaerobic lagoon was affecrted by discharge frequency and temperature. Significant pathogen reduction was observed. Total coliforms were reduced by three magnitudes in the covered lagoon and one magnitude in the storage lagoon. E. Coli were reduced by 2.5 magnitudes in the covered lagoon and 70% in the storage lagoon. Finally, odour intensity, irriation intensity and unplesantness were reduced by 24%, 37% and 16% respectively in the covered lagoon and 68%, 83% and 33% respectively in the storage lagoon.

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