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Author(s): Schmidt, D.R., J.R. Bicudon and K. Janni
Publication Date: January 1, 1999
Reference: Paper 994033, 1999 ASAE Annual International Meeting. July 18-22, 1999. ASAE, 2950, Niles Road, St.Joseph, MI 49085-9659. 9p.
Country: United States


A wind tunnel was used to measure odour emsission from the surface of a liquied manure storage basin on June 15, 1999 Nine air samples were taken from a location on the lstorage unit within a three hour period and winf speeds rnaging from 0.19 to 1.14 m/s, assessing the impact of winf speed on hydrogen sulfide emission rate. Bulk wind speed in the tunnel was calculated using the exhaust duct dimensions and air speed at the exhaust duct., Concentrations ranged from 134-588 and 57-120 ppb for odour and hydrogen sulfide respectively. Odour and hydrigen sulfide emission gernally increased with wind speed. However, it is likely the relationship between measured emission (odour and hydrogen sulfide) is dependant on factors such as roughness, adourous gas emission rate and the type of gas emitted.

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