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Author(s): Laima Kott & Ecaterina Simion
Publication Date: April 24, 2012
Reference: Ontario Pork
Country: Canada


The ability to develop young plants from pollen cultures has been done often with many plants, but it was never achieved in corn until now. Researchers were able to develop a pollen-to-plant protocol that has been clearly defined in a lab wherein all lines and hybrids respond predicatively. Globally, no other lab has been successful in delivering similar results. This can deliver completely homozygosity through a one culture sequence, and it can be used further in lab selection to identify new traits. This protocol can lead to generation of corn lines that are resistant to fusarium. A short UV exposure of pollen induces genetic changes. Pollen that survive are mutated, adding specific chemicals will kill the remaining majority of the pollen cultures but the ones that do survive will be resistant to fusarium. The surviving pollen cultures are then brought to the green plant stage and then the seeds can be harvested for production of fusarium resistant corn.

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