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Diet Manipulation to Reduce Nutrient Content in Swine Manure

Posted in: Nutrition, Pork Insight Articles by admin on July 6, 2017

Reducing particle size below 700 µm proved effective in altering N excretion patterns, while phytase proved very effective in improving the digestibility of P in the diet. The addition of carbohydrase showed little evidence of reducing total N or P excretion. A reduction of dietary protein content will reduce excretion of nitrogen in feces, but especially in the urine. With dietary fermentable fibre, part of the
urinary excretion of nitrogen can be shifted toward excretion in feces. Reduction in amount of P in feeds is effective in reducing P in manure. The success of the management strategy for reducing P excretion is dependent on an accurate estimate of P requirements for pigs. A better understanding of the P requirements might enable diet formulation closer to the pig requirements to reduce the amount of P in manure. An improvement in P utilization is economically beneficial to pork producers, and is also important for sustainable swine production. The reduction In excess nutrients and odour emissions while sustaining high levels of pork production is critical for long-term survival of a globally competitive pork industry.

Diet Manipulation to Reduce Nutrient Content in Swine Manure

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