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Author(s): K. Engele and J. Whittington
Publication Date: April 28, 2014
Reference: Centered on Swine Volume 19, Number 2, 2014.
Country: Canada


PEDv has been a growing concern in the last year, and can have negative effects on reproduction and growth performance. However, there is also a major economic impact in PEDv management and the loss of production. Comparing a best case scenario vs. worst case scenario the best case scenario took 6 weeks to return to baseline productivity, and had 4 weeks of piglet loss. The worse case scenario took 10 weeks to return to baseline productivity, and had 7 weeks of piglet  loss. Pre-weaning mortality also increase to 46% for the best case, and 66% for the worst case scenarios. By also taking into account the impact of PEDv on pre-weaning mortality, farrowing rate, born alive and finisher performance it can be estimated the best case scenario would have a cost of $216 per sow place, but the worst case scenario would have a $338 cost per sow case.

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