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Author(s): C.F.M. de Lange, R. Petracek and M. Follensbee
Publication Date: January 1, 1994
Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Annual Research Report 1994 pp. 26-29
Country: Canada


Growing-finishing pigs with average lean growth potentials generally consume more energy than what is required for body maintenance functions and to support maximum lean tissue growth rates. These pigs deposit more body fat than what is considered the minimum amount of (essential) body fat. As a result, carcass value, and sometimes feed efficiency, is reduced at high levels of feed intake. Carcass value, and possibly feed efficiency, can be improved when energy intake is restricted, then variation in feed intake and growth rates between pigs within pens may change. Under commercial conditions, this variation in performance should be considered. For example, an increase in variation in growth rates generally results in a reduction in the number of pigs produced within a production unit. Throughput within a facility is not determined by the average days to market but by the days to market of the last pig from the original group that leaves the facility.
The objective of the current studies were to determine the effect of energy intake on performance and carcass value in growing-finishing pigs and to determine the effect of feed intake restriction on variation in performance of group housed growing-finishing pigs.
The results of these trials indicate restricted feeding can improve carcass lean yield in pigs with average lean growth potential. However, caution is advised, as severe restrictions in feed intake were needed to demonstrate improvements in carcass value. The accompanying increased feed costs per tonne (to indicate that, for most pig genotypes, restricted feeding provides limited financial value to the producer. The current study suggests that there is no effect of degree of energy restriction on variation in animal performance.

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