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Author(s): Jorgen E. OLESEN, Sven G. SOMMER, Willem A.H. ASMAN and Soren O. PETERSEN
Publication Date: January 1, 0000
Country: Denmark


Animal waste management systems are major sources of trace gases contributing to en-vironmental problems at local to global scales. Ammonia (NH3) volatilization can lead to soil acidification and eutrophication of ecosystems. Nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4) are greenhouse gases that contribute to the global warming. The NH3 emissions occur from housing, during manure storage, after manure application and from grazing animals, and they vary with manure type, composition, manure handling and meteoro-logical conditions. Methane is emitted during storage of both liquid and solid manure and results from anaerobic fermentation processes. Nitrous oxide can be formed via the processes nitrification and denitrification, which oxidize NH4+ and reduce NO3-, respec-tively. Nitrous oxide is produced in suitable environments with both aerobic and an-aerobic phases and may escape to the atmosphere before being reduced to N2. Emissions occur from stored animal manure and from the soil after field application of manure. There are a number of options for reducing emissions of NH3, CH4 and N2O. These in-clude both technical and management changes. The most effective mitigation options appear to be those measures that target several gases simultaneously. An example is the use of anaerobic digestion of manure which, provided proper operating conditions, can reduce CH4 and N2O emissions during storage while also reducing NH3 and N2O emis-sions after field application and substituting fossil fuel.

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