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Author(s): Ron MacDonald
Publication Date: January 1, 2005
Reference: Proceedings of the 2005 Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium
Country: Canada


Energy resources should be efficiently managed to reduce expenses, pollution, and improve barn air quality. New lighting systems in barns allow for customizable lighting intensity and duration to be barn specific (for example, dimmer switches). $600.00 per year can be saved by using T-8 4’ vapour proof fluorescent lights as opposed to incandescent. Incandescent lights are obsolete, as they waste energy and have a short life. Convective heat systems are used to heat air itself. The drawback from the combustion is the CO2, carbon monoxide, and oxygen consumption. This is why ventilation is required, but with proper settings this can be minimized, or alternatively using a hot water heating system. Radiant heaters work much like microwaves because they heat the objects in the barn (i.e. – the pigs) directly. Of the gas tube heaters, catalytic/open flame brooders, and in-floor radiant heaters the in-floor has the best attributes. CFM/W (cubic feet of air per minute per watt) should be looked at when purchasing fans. The higher the CFM/W, the more efficient the fan is. This indicates how much air is moved throughout the day and how much it cost to move that air. Fans should be sized to match the stage requirements and they should have adequate hoods for optimum airflow. Monitoring equipment is used to monitor the quality of the environment. Some of this equipment can be used to measure general airflow, temperature and relative humidity, static pressure, inlet management, and gas detection. Gases of particular importance include ammonia, hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

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