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Author(s): Predicala, Bernardo, Stéphane Lemay, Claude Laguë, and Shala Christianson
Publication Date: January 1, 2005
Reference: Council Research News
Country: Canada


Three engineering control measures were developed and tested for effectiveness in protecting swine barn workers from exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas during manure handling. A remote manure pit plug pulling system allowed the worker to pull the manure pit plug from outside the room, thereby significantly reducing risk of worker exposure to H2S. A water sprinkling apparatus was also devised, which resulted in 79% reduction of H2S gas concentration under optimal laboratory conditions. However, the use of a similar system on agitated manure showed the opposite effect. A manure scraper system was installed to remove manure daily from the manure pit of a grower-finisher room. Preliminary measurements showed that H2S levels were 80 to 96% lower in the scraper room than in a similar room with a conventional pull-plug system. However higher ammonia emissions were observed in the scraper room compared to the conventional grower-finisher room.

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