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Author(s): BPR, Les Consultants BPR
Publication Date: January 1, 1994
Reference: Quebec : ministere de l'Environnement et de la Faune. 121p. QEN/AE94-25/6
Country: Canada


Different alternatives to liquid manure management have been evaluated to find the more promising techniques for swine manure under a solid or solid – liquid forms. An evaluation of all the organic material that could be used such as straw, wood chips, saw dust, peat moss, news paper and other plant absorbent material was done. And the potential of those products was considered for their absorbent capacity, their availability and the area where they are available. Different technologies of solid or solid – liquid of manure were also considered in order to select the techniques presenting a good potential for the region where manure is produce in excess. The techniques selected as the most promising ones and also explored further in this project are the deep litter, screw separator and the filtering conveyor under the slatted floor. The deep litter systems is a good alternative however in some areas, the material used would represent a cost which would be higher than conventional manure systems. The depending on the area and the productions surrounding the pig farms, straw or wood products could be used. However variable yields in the cereal production could lead to important price fluctuation also a important demand on the products that could be used for litter would results in higher prices. The screw separation technique is interesting for farms that have to haul their manure on other farms however the technical efficiency of this technology has to be verified as its efficiency is proportional to the dry matter content of the manure and for pigs, it is fairly low (generally under 10%). The filtering conveyor as a high theoretical efficiency that has not been verified on our conditions. The investment costs are around $50 000 for a 2 000 swine building.

This work presents different alternatives to liquid manure systems and wanted to present solution to farmers in areas where manure are produced in excess. As for the deep litter, the amount of available straw, wood chips, saw dust could become a problem in some areas. As for the other techniques, they are presented on the base of their theoretical efficiency but no testing have been done in our conditions.

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