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Author(s): Scott Dee, John Deen, Carlos Pijoan
Publication Date: July 14, 2003
Reference: The Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research 2004;68:19–26
Country: Canada


Four intervention strategies were tested on their ability to help prevent the spreading of PRRS. The four methods were: the use of disposable boots to prevent contamination of personnel footwear, the use of a boot bath to sanitize plastic boots, the use of plastic slated floor in the anteroom to prevent the spreading of PRRS to other peoples footwear, and the use of bag-in-a-box shipping methods to prevent PRRS virus contamination of the contents of a container destined for a swine farm. Ten tests were done with PRRS positive replicates as well as ten PRRS negative replicates were done. Swabs were collected from different sites and tested by a TaqMan polymerase chain reaction for PRRSV RNA and by swine bioassay to confirm the presence of infectious PRRS virus. The results showed that disposable boots, the boot bath and bag-in-a-box were all very effective in preventing the spreading of the PRRS virus. The slated floor did not do a good job in preventing the virus as it was an area where outside footwear could contact it and leave traces of the virus behind. This information is interesting although the study was not large or took statistical significance into consideration, therefore it is recommend as a pilot study rather than a biosecurity protocol.

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