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Author(s): Jongbloed, A.W. and N.P. Lenis
Publication Date: January 1, 1993
Reference: In Nitrogen Flow in Pig Production and Environmental Consequences. Edited by M.W.A Verstegen, L.A. den Hartog, G.J.M. van Kempen and J.H.M. Metz. P.22-36
Country: Netherlands


A close balance between the supply of nutrient in the manure and the crop requirement will result in hardly any nutrients losses. Problems occur when this balance doesn’t exist and the possible relation between nutrient needs for the livestock production and the crop needs is not present at local or regional level. The nutrient retention in swine production is not very effective and varies according to the physiological stage. For piglet, 40% of the nitrogen (N) intake is retained, it is 39% for phosphorus (P) and 9% for potassium (K); for growing pig (25 to 106 kg), 33% of the nitrogen intake is retained, 33% of the P and 6% of the K; and finally for the breeding sow (producing 19,6 weaned piglets/year), 19% of the N intake is retained, 17% of the P and 3% of the K.

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