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Swine Innovation Porc – Lead User Program

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The objectives of the lead-user program are to build upon the Canadian Swine research and Development Cluster research program (funded through growing Forward 1), through speeding the rate of adoption of new technologies.  Early adoption of some of these new technologies are designed to enhance the competitiveness and differentiation of the pork industry throughout Canada.

Lameness Assessment

Take home messages from the sow longevity workshops Translated into French

J Brown Sow temperament presentationL Connor Housing Design impacts on Lameness and LongevityJohn Deen PresentationSow lameness longevity temperament workshop final

Farmscape online J Brown 2013-10-28  Farmscape online J Brown 2013-10-28 FR

Farmscape online J Deen 2013-10-30  Farmscape online J Deen 2013-10-30 FR

Farmscape online L Connor 2013-10-24  Farmscape online L Connor 2013-10-24 FR

Profit - Farmscape template Reducing Lameness in the Sow Herd Improves P...  Rentabilité Farmscape - Réduire la boiterie des truies améliore la renta...

Farmscape online Y Seddon 2013-11-06  Farmscape online Y Seddon 2013-11-06 FR

Trim- Farmscape template Research Shows Hoof Trimming Helps Reduce Lamen... Visual Farmscape - Évaluation visuelle de la boiterie -étonnamment fiabl...



The Zephyr Brochure The ZephyrFRE_Zephyr Book

Volume 1 Issue 1 - Zephyr Volume 1 Issue 1 - Zephyr_French

1007-New Device Eases Stress of Euthanasia 1007-La cheville percutante non pénétrante Zephyr

B.12--8 - Farmscape online 1007 J_Brown27122012  B.12--8 - Farmscape online 1007 J_Brown27122012_FRE MV

B.12--21 - Farmscape 1007 15022013  B.12--21 - Farmscape 1007 15022013_FRE MV

B. 12  Page 28 Zephyr et balance pour la boiterie 1007 + 1004 - Copie


Air Filtration

Volume 1 Issue 12 ATU Volume 1 Issue 12 ATU_French

Air Filtration

BioTrickling Air Treatment


Water Sprinkling

Sprinkling system

Design guidelines for the development of a water sprinkling systems for transport trailers

SIP Vol. 1 Issue 10 Sprinkling Volume 1 Issue 10 Sprinkling_French


Novel Nutrition

Nutrition Webcast Invite

deLange_Novel_Feeding_Strategies_Cover Pomar_Precision_Feeding_Cover Zijlstra_Alternative_Feeds_Cover

Presentations from the seminar are also available on-line. Please click the following link to view the archived presentations

PorkMaster can be downloaded free of charge.  Please click on the PorkMaster logo for download instruction and a copy of the user manual.



Volume 1 Issue 17 Wheat DDGS Volume 1 Issue 17 DDGS French

Volume 1 Issue 5_Concentrating Energy In Young Pig Diets Volume 1 Issue 5 Expeller Canola Meal_French

A.1--11 - Farmscape online 1012 15102012  A.1--11 - Farmscape online 1012 15102012_FRE MV

A.1--12 - Farmscape online 1012 E_Beltranena 8112012  A.1--12 - Farmscape online 1012 E_Beltranena 8112012_FRE

Precision Feeding

Funding for the project has been provided in part through Industry Councils from Agricultural Council of Saskatchewan (principal), the Conseil pour le développement de l’agriculture du Québec, Ontario Agricultural Adaptation Council and Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta Which deliver the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) on behalf of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

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