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Fermented soybean meal for newly weaned piglets

Posted in: Pork Insight Articles, Prairie Swine Centre, Production by student on June 12, 2018

Authors: A.D. Beaulieu, A.G. van Kessel, P. Leterme, and D. Gillis

Centred on Swine Spring 2017, Volume 23, Number 1

Summary: Due to the presence of anti-nutritional factors soybean is limited in its inclusion in young piglet diets. Fermentation of soybean meal has been shown to effectively remove the tryspin inhibitors. This study compared the effects of feeding soybean mean and fermented soybean meal to piglets. When comparing piglets who received soybean meal to those who has received fermented soybean meal it is evident that the piglets consuming the fermented soybean meal had a reduced body weight.  The diet that was included soybean meal also demonstrated the highest average daily gain. From this study they concluded that there is no advantage of using fermented soybean meal to using soybean meal. They also concluded that more research has to be done pertaining to the palatability of fermented soybean meal.

Fermented Soybean for Newly Weaned Pigs

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