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Field peas for pigs – Monograph

Posted in: Nutrition, Pork Insight Articles, Prairie Swine Centre by admin on July 6, 2017

The overall objective of the project is to generate reliable information on the nutritional value of field peas in pigs and on the effect of processing, in order to demonstrate to pork and feed producers that field peas of varying quality support excellent performance in starter and growing/finishing pigs.

Researchers concluded that the contents in crude protein and starch, the two main components of pea seeds, of the samples collected from farms of Saskatchewan, are quite variable and justify further studies aiming to establish a relationship between composition and energy value. They hypothesize that most of the energy value can be explained by the dietary fibre content but more information is required, namely in terms of non-starch polysaccharides, and also of physical properties of the dietary fibre fraction.

Field peas for pigs

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