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Author(s): Chiumenti, R., L. Donantoni, and S. Guercini
Publication Date: January 1, 1987
Reference: Seminar of the 2nd Technical Section of the C.I.G.R. on: Latest Developments in Livestock Housing. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. June 1987. p. 23-33
Country: Italy


Two odor control methods, aerobic deodorizing and oligolyse, were tested for a 120 days period on two different farms having a production of 1500 to 2000 fattening pigs a year. The manure was stored outside the building in a storage basin for the aerobic deodorizing and inside in a pit under the slatted floor for the oligolyse treatment. The aerobic deodorizing consisted of aeration made by 4 aerators (2 submersible pump types and 2 screw types) working on 20 minutes/hour cycles. The oligolyse is a process where an electric potential is created between an copper electrode and a coal one that are placed at a certain distance in the manure. As a result, metallic cations are released from the copper electrode into the manure. Those cations have a sterilizing action on the microorganisms responsible for anaerobical fermentation and malodorous gases production. Results showed that both systems reduced significantly the smell of the manure compared to the untreated on. However, the oligolyse cost 40 to 45% less than the aerobic deodorizing when considering energy cost, and fixed costs.

This experiment was done on only two different storing facilities with no replicate. The results obtained are interesting but more experiments are needed to verify those results. The agronomic value of the manure treated with oligolyse has also to be determined as copper cations are added in the process..

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