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Author(s): C.F.M. de Lange
Publication Date: January 1, 1994
Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Annual Research Report 1994 pp. 58-64
Country: Canada


It is important to consider the impact of animal production on the environment. Several countries have installed regulations or recommendations to minimize the impact that animal agriculture has on pollution. These recommendations tend to lead to an increased cost of production as well as causing producers to seek a means to reduce the production of animal waste. This article discusses the situation in the Netherlands with a primary focus on swine. Some nutritional means may have relevance to North America.
With more than 15 million pigs and 2 million dairy cows on 37,000 of land in the Netherlands, there is a large amount of manure produced. This manure tends to be high in minerals, which has had negative effects on soil, water and air quality. In current legislation, phosphate has been used to quantify manure production. This has given producers an incentive to reduce total manure volume by increasing its dry matter content. The use of heavy mineral growth promoters has already been abolished for years.
On swine farms, the efficiency of mineral retention is very low, for potassium (3.6 a

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