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Innovation to Adoption: On Farm Demonstration of Swine Research

Posted in: Pork Insight Articles, Prairie Swine Centre, Swine Innovation by admin on November 7, 2017

From Innovation to Adoption: On-Farm Demonstration of Swine Research is an integrated collaborative project involving Swine Innovation Porc, Centre de développement du porc du Québec and Prairie Swine Centre.  This project will help the 7,000 pork producers across Canada seize new opportunities and incorporate novel technologies and strategies in their production systems. Specifically, this project involves three primary components:

  1. Partner with commercial pork producers/organizations to serve as Lead-Users (demonstration sites) for the new technology or management practice;
  2. Communicate results and information gathered through the demonstration sites to others within the Canadian pork industry increasing the adoption of new technologies and management practices throughout Canada.
  3. Develop tools to increase the speed of adoption of new technologies and strategies on pig farms


ACTIVITY 1.  Demonstrating Management Practices that Enhance the Sustainability of Pork Production

Objective:  Identify efficiencies in transitioning gestation sows from stalls to group housing systems through early adopters and science.

1.1 Successfully Converting to Gestating Sow Group Housing
1.2 Environmental Enrichment Strategies
1.2 Improved Laying Areas for Sows
1.3 Reducing Water Consumption in Swine Barns


ACTIVITY 2.  Demonstrating New Nutritional Strategies – Low Cost Feeding Strategies for Sows

Objective: Demonstrate low cost feeding strategies for optimum sow productivity

2.1 Low Cost Feeding Strategies for Sows


ACTIVITY 3.  Auditing On-Farm Best Management Practices

Objective: Measure the pork industry’s adoption of best management practices that reduce cost of production, enhance sustainability and reduce labour commitments.


ACTIVITY 4.  Swine Health Management an Biosecurity – Rapid Assessment of Transport Trailer Cleanliness

Objective: Demonstrate the use of ATP bioluminescence meter for rapid assessment of surface cleanliness of swine transport trailers.


ACTIVITY 5.  Communications

Objective: Increase the speed of technology of adoption of Lead-User activities by communicating demonstration results to the Canadian pork industry.



This project ‘From Innovation to Adoption: On-Farm Demonstration of Swine Research’ is funded by Swine Innovation Porc within the Swine Cluster 2: Driving Results Through Innovation research program. Funding is provided by Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada through the AgriInnovation Program, provincial producer organizations and industry partners.







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