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Author(s): Andrea Pitkin, John Deen, Scott Dee
Publication Date: July 30, 2008
Reference: The Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research 2009;73:298–302
Country: Canada


The project set out to re-evaluated the role of fomites and personnel as mechanical transporters and transmitters of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSv) between pig populations. To test this swabs were collected from hands, boots, coveralls, cable snares, bleeding equipment and other fomites after they had come into contact with infected pigs. They were then compared to identical samples that were used on pigs  that were not PRRSv positive. Pigs who were PRRS negative were then exposed to the contaminated personnel and fomites and their blood was tested after they were exposed, they were then compared to pigs who were not exposed to fomites containing PRRSv. Results showed that pigs who were exposed to the PRRSv contaminated personnel and equipment became infected seven out of seven times while the non exposed group was not infected. It was proven that under the right conditions PRRS can spread between populations of pigs with fomites and personnel being the vehicle.


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