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Author(s): Lorimor, Jeffery
Publication Date: January 1, 0000
Reference: Lorimor, Jeffery (). Gas and Odour Emissions. Iowa State University
Country: United States


Pressure continues to increase on swine producers to reduce gas and odour emissions. This paper discusses the differences between gases and odours and concentrations and emissions and method of control.
Odours are composed of a complex mixture of gases and low concentrations and cannot be reliably measured. Gases are individual chemicals with either high or low concentrations and can be measure by several methods. Gas emissions are becoming more of a concern to regulatory agencies but it is the number of pounds emitted per head per day that is the concern, rather than simply the gas concentration (pounds/cubic foot of air). It is much easier to measure these gas concentrations than emissions. Emission rates depend on both the airflow (ventilation) rate and the gas concentration.
Odour and gas emissions from animal production systems originate from three primary sources. Manure storage facilities where there are several ways to control or reduce emissions such as, biocovers, which are effective or pit additives, which are unreliable and expensive. The second source is animal housing units where reduction of emissions is challenging though biofilters work for mechanically ventilated units. Finally the last source is land application of manure where emissions are reduced best by direct injection of the manure into the soil.
New treatments for reducing odours, gases, emissions and concentrations are being tested. Some work, others dona

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