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Geothermal Systems for Heating and Cooling in Swine Production

Posted in: Uncategorized by admin on January 4, 2016

This study assessed the applicability of a geothermal system in
swine production facilities. In-barn evaluation of the impact of the
geothermal system on energy use, thermal environment, greenhouse
gas emissions, and animal performance was conducted by comparing
a swine grow-fi nish room with geothermal system to a conventional
production room with a forced-convection gas-fi red heater system
over summer and winter seasons. Results showed that the room
with the geothermal system consumed about 36% less total energy
for heating and ventilation during cold season compared to the
conventional room. However, during the warm season, the use of
the geothermal system to cool the room resulted in larger energy
use compared to the control room. Levels of greenhouse gases,
namely, methane and carbon dioxide in the geothermal room when
the system was in operation were signifi cantly lower than that in the
room with the conventional gas-fi red heater during both heating and
cooling periods.


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