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Graduate Student Opportunities in Swine Nutrition

Posted in: Prairie Swine Centre, Press Releases by admin on January 2, 2018

M.Sc. Nutrition – Effects of Mycotoxins

The proposed project will seek to examine the effects of mycotoxin intake on animal performance and health, nutrient utilization, meat quality, and economic impact to producers. Techniques in the fields of nutrition and physiology will be used to further explain the mechanisms regulating animal response and adaptation to mycotoxin exposure.

M.Sc. or Ph.D.  Nutrition – Functional Amino Acids

The proposed project will seek to examine the efficacy of functional amino acids to maintain animal performance and health during disease challenge. Techniques in the fields of nutrition and physiology will be used to further explain the mechanisms regulating animal response to supplemental amino acids and immune stimulation.

A full description of both graduate student opportunities can be found at our careers page.

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