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Grower/Finisher Feeders: Design, Behavior and Performance

Posted in: Pork Insight Articles, Prairie Swine Centre, Production by student on June 12, 2018

Authors: H.W. Gonyou and Z. Lou

February 28, 1998

Summary: Researchers categorized commercial feeders into four groups which were analyzed for their influence on different style. It was determined that anything smaller than 34 cm restricted market pigs and larger than 39 cm allowed for two smaller pigs to feed at the same time. They also anaylzed the effect of different feeder types on feed intake and average daily gain (ADG). It was apparent that feed intake and ADG were 5% higher in wet/dry feeder than the dry feeders. Feed efficiency did not differ among any of the different types of feeders. When feeders provided protection for the pigs it resulted in the pigs being removed by other pigs through force. All feeders were in the range of 2-5.8% for spillage with no statistical differences between the different feeders. It was also concluded that pigs eating wet feed ate at a rate 3 times faster than those consuming dry feed.

Through the use of an adjustable feeder (adjustments could be made to lip height, feeder depth, width and feeding shelf height), they determined that the depth of the feeder had  the most significant influence on the amount of times the pigs stepped into the feeder. It was also concluded that pigs prefer to feed at an angle of 30°.

Grower-Finisher Feeders – Design, Behaviour and Performance

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