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Author(s): Muehling, A.J.
Publication Date: January 1, 1978
Reference: Muehling, A.J. 1978. Heat-Saving Solutions Control Energy Costs. Hog-Farm-Management 15 (13): 2-10.
Country: USA


In the future, fuel costs are expected to increase 6-10% each year. Previously, during periods of relatively inexpensive fuel costs, producers have not been reluctant to heat farrowing and nursery buildings to 80F and some even up to 90F. Today, with high fuel costs, many producers are looking for ways to reduce these increasing costs. If the winter fuel costs are extremely high in your farrowing or nursery building, check your winter ventilation rate. Provide a small heated and protected sleeping area for the small pigs and lower the room temperature. Insulating the walls and ceilings which lowers their surface temperature, even when the air temperature remains the same, has a marked effect on the newborn pigs total heat loss rate. Baby pigs are very sensitive to drafts that humans can hardly detect. Natural ventilation is energy efficient compared to conventional ventilation equipment. Natural ventilation is strongly recommended for most grower-finishing units during the summer. Ventilation maintenance has an impact on energy efficiency.

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