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Author(s): Anonymous
Publication Date: January 1, 1996
Reference: Anonymous. 1996. Hot-Spot For Piglets. Pig International 26 (12): 17-22.
Country: USA


The article looks at a number of multiple heat sources for baby pigs in farrowing houses. Electrical pads save on energy costs compared to conventional electric lamps. Historically because of low priced electricity, electric heating was predoninant. An increasing proportion of European farrowing places have 2 heated areas – one on each side of the sow’s crate. It is a trend that the new regional rules for solid pen floors are expected to encourage. New microwave radiation delivers heat directly to the animal and is therefore energy efficient as the heat is not carried away by the airflow in the room. Pad type piglet heaters are summarized from a trade show in France.

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